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Nishal Gems is involved in every aspect of the diamond process, from the rough to the finish gem.

Our inventory includes every size, shape, and quality, certified by a universally trusted certificate house, IGI


Nishal Gems was started to give opulence, and quality, and retain the beauty of diamonds that are worn with pride, almost everywhere. After diversifying our company into Lab-grown diamonds, and keeping up with the technological vogue, lab-grown processed diamonds have helped us take our first step towards the environment.


With Lab Grown Diamonds, you don't need to dig the ground, instigate noise pollution, or anticipate life expectancy while mining. Keeping sustainability our priority, we stay true to our purpose of serving high-quality, real, pocket-friendly, ecological, and distinctively beautiful shaped diamonds. 


Nishal Gems has been a believer in bringing opulence through our Lab Grown Diamonds. Diamonds that are known to be a girl’s best friend are believed to be the essence of pride and beauty of every woman.


This is why we aim to deliver the purest, brilliantly sparkling and fine dazzling diamonds which come in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.

Princess Cut Diamond

Are you considering a Lab Grown Diamond for your next Jewellery Purchase?

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