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What Is Diamond Certification?

Diamond Certification / Diamond grading report is a report that certifies the diamond as genuine and describes it with the information about the color grade, flaw grade, weight, cutting and proportioning etc. Most diamonds above 0.3 CTS are usually evaluated by lab entities. Some of the most reputable Diamond Laboratories are GIA, IGI, and HRD.  As certificates play a main role in determining the value of diamonds, it is important to know more about the different grading systems.

Nishal Gems are sent to a third party laboratory for a comprehensive evaluation; a process known as diamond certification. A reputable lab is one staffed by professional gemologists who specialize in diamond grading. Each diamond certificate issued is uniquely numbered, and corresponds to one individual diamond. From that point forward, the diamond and certificate (laminated to prevent tampering or damage) will travel together from seller to buyer.

Laboratory certification provides an impartial judgment of the characteristics and quality of each diamond. This certification (called a grading report, or dossier by IGI) gives the purchaser added confidence that the diamond received is as described by the seller. The diamond certificate is also valuable for insurance purposes, as it provides a professional, independent evaluation of the diamond.

A laboratory certification is not an appraisal. An appraisal seeks to establish the value of an item, mainly for insurance purposes. A diamond certificate does not evaluate a diamond's market value, only its characteristics and quality. That said, diamond certification from a reputable laboratory is invaluable in generating an accurate appraisal.

IGI Certification 

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) Diamond Reports are issued for diamonds of any size; a plotted diagram of the traits and an image representation of proportions show up on the document

IGI Diamond Reports have one of a kind formats and presentations, personalized to serve a wide range of client demand in our one of a kind worldwide markets. Regardless of format, each and every IGI Diamond Report is issued in accordance to the strict global requirements and safety features for which IGI is known. The report displays stone's characteristics, carat weight, color, clarity, polish and symmetry, and proportions. A diamond diagram with plotted clarity characteristics is included.

Every certified Nishal Gems is accompanied by its IGI Grading Report or Dossier. These diamond grading certificates may be viewed prior to purchase by clicking the name "IGI" next to the diamond.


IGI Grading Report


IGI  Dossier Report


All of our lab-grown diamonds are certified by a universally trusted certificate house, IGI.

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